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Partner with Us

Can you see the benefit of a Mindfulness course for the people or communities your organisation serves, or would you at least like to explore whether it could help?

You may be a charity, voluntary, public sector, or other community organisation - what's key is that you are helping people in the UK who are facing adversity.


We can partner with you to deliver, free of charge, an appropriate Mindfulness course with the intention of improving the well-being and resilience of at least some of those you help. 
At the end of the course we will seek feedback on how participants benefited from the course and feed this back to you.


All we ask is that you recruit course attendees from the people you work with, provide a suitable venue (if the course is to be delivered in-person), help print or duplicate course material (if physical copies are required), and contribute to incidental expenses (if any) to the extent you can.
When we have active research projects, ideally you will also be willing to consent to the course outcomes being researched. Any research project will have received University ethical approval.

Sponsor Us

Are you a grant making body? 

OR Does your organisation make charitable donations or would like to start doing so?

Do you value inclusivity or helping people who are facing adversity?

If your organisation is willing to contribute to help people in need increase their resilience and improve their well-being we offer a number of sponsorship options for Mindfulness courses. 

Donations of up to £1000 will go a long way to help maintain our Mindfulness course delivery programme and you'll be listed as a sponsor on our web-site.

For donations of £1000 or more (in any 12 month period) you'll be listed as a sponsor on our web-site and can also target our work towards the groups you care about most. 

If you're interested in bringing Mindfulness to your organisation and combining this with sponsorship we offer a combined package. For each MBLC course we deliver for you, we deliver another one to one of our deserving communities. You can target this towards the groups you care most about if you wish. For this we charge commercial rates plus £1000 per course and you'll be listed as a sponsor on our website.

Are you a Mindfulness Teacher wanting to work with us?

We require you to be able to teach MBLC or MBLC-YA, having been assessed as ready to teach on the Mindfulness Association’s MBLC or MBLC-YA retreat. You will also need to be in regular supervision and have professional indemnity insurance. 

The first step in working with us is to join our panel of accredited teachers. To find out if any vacancies on the panel exist, please contact us to enquire.

The next step in applying to deliver an Everyone Project course is to find a local organisation to partner with, who have people they are working with who would benefit from a Mindfulness course. The organisation could be a charity, voluntary, public sector, or other community organisation. They should be able to identify and recruit an appropriate group of people, provide a venue for the course (if necessary) and make a contribution to course material copying costs (if these need to be distributed in physical format.

Ideally, the organization will also be willing to consent to the course outcomes being researched. 

How to apply

Please register your interest by writing send your Everyone Project panel application form to

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